Autonomous Rodent Repellent

Stop rodents from damaging your turf FOREVER!

European Mole Head

The Only safe and efficient solution for rodent control

Electronic Rodent Repellent System

Our technology protects your garden from rodents while it preserves the environment.
Say goodbye to harmful poisons and hello to a safe, effective, and legal solution.

Chemical-free, harmless to the environment, animals, soil and groundwater

Safety First

Low voltage electricity connection ensures secure use

Perfect Fit

Easily customizable for any garden size and shape.

Always Active

Runs 24/7 with intelligent, automated monitoring.

No Fuss

Simple to install and maintenance-free.

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How Does It Work?

The system plugs into any electric outlet, imitating predator actions to scare away rodents. It’s adaptable to any garden size, operates 24/7 with smart automation, and requires no maintenance. Just plug it in, set it up, and enjoy a rodent-free garden.

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